September 24, 2014

Beyond a flip flop

John Kerr as per the Washington Times stated in 1998 that we should preemptively strike at Iraq. He criticized the French and others for watering down the resolution at that time against Iraq and argued that we should do something there.

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September 23, 2014

Who's Draft is it Anyway?

Kerry is out saying that Bush is pushing for a draft. Well if you take a look at the House and Senate Bills in question the house was sponsored by Charlie Wrangle and the Senate bill is sponsored by Fritz Hollings. Is this the new strategy? Introduce Bills that you know people won't approve of and hope no one will notice that it was you who put it in. The when it gains some attention blame it on bush.

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Candians Not All Against America

The National Post in Canada as I am in Ottawa this week has a column that could have been put out by the RNC. She speaks about the mistakes of the Kerry campaign and of comparing Vietnam to Iraq.

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September 21, 2014

For those who say things are worse for Women in Iraq

The Sacramento Bee today had a wonderful story of a woman in Basra talking about her life before and after the war. She believes that things are much better for her now. We see the carnage here day after day but as Americans we can not even comprehend what it was to live under Saddam and his kids.

We need to get a grip on reality and realize that these people for the most part are better off now than they were under Saddam. Yes there is violence but they can now have freedom of speech where there was none before. They can have a free press where there was none before. Women have rights that they never would or could have had under the Saddam regime.

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Before people who have never had to live in a country with this level of repression claim that the people are now better off I would suggest you go live in Iran for 2 years and then tell me how much better off they are. I don't believe people in Russian feel that they were better off before the wall came down. The French....errr never mind.

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September 20, 2014

Kerry is Out in His Own Words

Blogs for Bush has it here how Kerry does not have what it takes to be our commander and chief.

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Michael Moore in a Panic

You know things are bad for the dems when Michael Moore has to come out with this drivel. The dems are not backing away from hating Bush but coming to the realization that Kerry will not protect them and has no moral center. He is as honest as the polls and whichever way they are going he will bend to.

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Not the way to win

In Louisiana this was done in the name of George Bush. If I were one of the conspiracy theorists on the left I would be looking for a dem to blame it on but I am not and I will not. However I will condemn this and if these are people supporting GWB then that is a terrible thing and I hope they are caught and punished. Things like this do not do honor to anyone on the right or left and are just crimes by thugs. They should get a life and hope they do not get caught and have me on their Jury.

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A Lady with Class

Is this the person we want in the white house with John Kerry? She will be his downfall if he is not careful. Being headstrong and independent is one thing but being rude and nasty is something else. Hillary Clinton is incredibly intelligent and always comes off with some class, Kerry doesn't stand up to Mrs. Clinton or Laura Bush.

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The Source

NRO has this article showing much more involvement by CBS. When news organizations are this close to the people they are supposed to be reporting on whether on the left or right it is bad for the viewers. This along with the Clinton News Network (CNN) continuing to keep Begala and Carville on staff are just unethical and not the way they should be doing business.

You can say what you want about Fox and if O'Reilly, or Hannity were even informal advisors to Bush I would be saying the same thing about them.

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September 18, 2014

The First RatherGate

National Review Online has this article about the first Dan Rather debacle 16 years ago. CBS and Dan Rather have been one of the more outspoken voices of the liberal media. They will do everything possible to advance their agenda but this time with communications being what they are today they can not get away with what they used to.

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More Military Records Missing, and Not Bush's

John Kerry told Tim Russert that he would release all his navy records. Well guess what Kerry never released all of his Navy records as he never filled out the proper forms and turned them in. I guess it is only hiding something when you are a republican if you are a democrat all you need to do is say you will release them and that is the end of it. If you press for it they start attacking you for attacking their patriotism.

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Weapons Ban has their ad up about the weapons ban. Slantpoint has a posting about this on his site.

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September 17, 2014

Nowhere left to go

This from the Washington Post one of my least favorite papers normally but just so people can't say we republicans are painting Kerry as a flip flopper. What is he going to say in the debates that will not be counter to something he has said about Iraq in the last 6 months? Maybe he is nuanced and thoughful but the majority do not pay attention as much as us political junkies and are just going to get sound bytes that string together into a confusing mess from Kerry.

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